Transforming Supply Chain through Blockchain


ZERV Commerce Platform

Defense is a fragmented, opaque, and antiquated industry. Participants often struggle to connect outside of their immediate personal networks, slowing growth and limiting business opportunities. The ZERV Commerce Platform aims to alleviate these restrictive defense industry issues.

The ZERV Commerce Platform, enabled by an asset-based token and blockchain technology, plans to be a decentralized trading platform. It intends to allow for frictionless transactions between all key participants within the defense industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.


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Dynamic. Connected. Seamless.

ZERV Features

ZERV’s decentralized commerce platform seeks to provide access to a vast network of participants worldwide, enabling new business opportunities and creating potential efficiencies in time to market and transaction costs.


Track, trace, trust.

ZERV Token

The ZERV Token intends to incentivize participants to use and access the ZERV Commerce Platform and can be redeemed for assets in the reserve. It plans to leverage a new token standard created by Citizens Reserve.



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